Secrets of the Manor - Book Review

Elizabeth's Story, 1848 (Book 3)
Book Review

"A decades all mystery unravels..." (as quoted on the back cover)

In this book, there is a mystery which will lead them into an even bigger mystery in Chatswood Manor. This is a story about a girl and her sister. The girl's name is Elizabeth, her sister is Katherine. They are twins. When they were 1, their mother died, BUT their mother had wanted to give them one last present. And their last present turned out to be a Chastwood tradition.

An Irish man came and when he came they found some shocking news. Elizabeth and her sister Katherine, their father is really rich. And they had a lady's maid and her name was Essie Bridges. But there was something more startling to her. Bridges was never her real last name. She always wanted to find her real father and mother and when she meets the Irish man, she will find out some startling news about her parents.

The Irish man tells them about his long lost wife Maggie O'brian and that she worked in Chatswood Manor, but there stern butler Mr. fellows says he's a begger and tells there father they do everything they can to help him.Will they be able to help him find his long lost wife, Maggie O'brian?

Find the book here: Secrets of the Manor Book 3


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