The Secret Garden Book Review

The Secret Garden written by Frances Hodgson Burnett tells the story about a girl named Mary Lennox, who loses her parents because of an illness called cholera. But Mary's parents didn't ever care about her. So she had an Aya, a servant that took care of her. Her mother never had wanted a child she just wanted to go to parties and have fun. Her father was an officer  for the English Government. After her parents died, she was found by an English officer that had worked with her father who told her that she was the only one alive that lived in the palace. So she went to live at her uncle's ginormous, gloomy house, where she finds a secret garden that she can't go into because it's locked. When Mary found the secret garden door she wanted to find the key.

Join us for this amazing adventure. This is perfect for people who like mysteries and adventure.

You can find The Secret Garden in Kindle
You can find The Secret Garden in hardcover
You can find The Secret Garden in audiobook
You can find The Secret Garden in paperback


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